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  • Cruising Through Progreso

    13 September 2016 Destinations

    Vendors in Progreso say cruise business is declining, but the cruises keep coming... what will Progreso do next?

  • Valladolid, Sultaness of the East

    10 September 2015 Destinations, Valladolid Living

    For a long time, Valladolid has been stuck halfway between two important cities (Merida and Cancun). Now that fact has become its claim to a well-deserved fame...

  • How To Enjoy Bacalar

    26 June 2015 Destinations

    In his last article on Bacalar, guest writer Scott Wallace writes about all the different ways to enjoy a few days in this magical place…

  • Life Lessons at Coba

    17 March 2015 Destinations, Mayan Riviera, Valladolid Living

    Coba may not be one of the New Wonders of the World, but you can still climb the pyramid there...

  • Neighborhoods of Merida

    16 August 2014 Destinations, Real Estate FYI

    Merida is a city of a million people... and hundreds of different neighborhoods. Where to live? Where to buy? We can't possibly talk about all of them, but maybe this will help. Now updated as of August 2014!

  • Cuba, Our Mysterious Neighbor: Part III

    11 August 2014 Destinations

    In this third and final part of our series on visiting Cuba, writer Byron Augustin talks about religion, politics, music, sports and cigars...

  • Cuba, Our Mysterious Neighbor: Part II

    29 July 2014 Destinations

    In Part II of our three part series on Cuba, our guest writer Byron Augustin talks about classic cars, street commerce, traveling around Cuba and some hidden treasures that he was fortunate to see...

  • Cuba, Our Mysterious Neighbor: Part I

    15 July 2014 Destinations

    One of our favorite guest writers went on a trip to Cuba, and all we got (which is a lot...) is this first of three articles about traveling to and through that nearby island paradise...

  • Bacalar Paddle Marathon

    11 June 2014 Destinations

    Guest writer Scott Wallace takes us along the recent Lake Bacalar Paddle Marathon for a moment-to-moment account of what it was like to participate in this race...

  • The Town of Uman Yucatan

    29 May 2014 Destinations

    Looking for a place to visit outside of Merida? So many times we overlook something special that is right in front of us. Uman is just outside of Merida and it is one of those special places...

  • Laguna Bacalar, Back in Time

    22 April 2014 Destinations

    Our guest writer Scott Wallace takes a trip into the deep jungle of the lower Yucatan Peninsula between Lake Bacalar and Chetumal Bay, just like the Spanish and Maya travelers before him...

  • Laguna Bacalar, Special Waters

    24 March 2014 Destinations

    Laguna Bacalar is becoming a popular getaway destination for expatriates living in Merida. Here is our guest writer, Scott Wallace, on the history of this area and a bit about the special blue waters...

  • The Yucatan Railway Museum

    18 December 2013 Destinations

    Merida is lucky to be the home of Mexico's second largest railway museum and full of historic treasures. Ivan Godfrey, a railway preservation expert from England, is now living here in Merida and spearheading the museum's restoration efforts...

  • Isla Holbox Serenity

    4 June 2013 Destinations

    A new writer and first-time visitor to Isla Holbox reports on her experience on this lovely, peaceful island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Peace and quiet was what she sought and what she found...

  • Puerto Morelos, Hidden in Plain Sight

    19 February 2013 Destinations

    We recently visited Puerto Morelos, a seaside village along the Riviera Maya that doesn't get a lot of press but impressed us anyway...

  • The Sun on Isla Mujeres

    12 January 2013 Destinations

    Sunrises and sunsets... a beautiful part of any day in the Yucatan. We all have memories and photos of our favorites. In this article, Byron Augustin tells us where to see the best ones on Isla Mujeres...

  • Renovating Merida Centro

    14 August 2012 Destinations

    Are you noticing that there is a growing incidence of torn-up streets in the downtown area? This is just the latest phase of a renovation project that has been going on for years, but is said to be almost complete...

  • Expat Letter from Cozumel

    18 July 2012 LIVING, Destinations

    Ever wonder what its like living on an island in a tourist town? Photographer Michael Lewis gives us his insight into what life is like living on Cozumel...

  • A Hospital in Valladolid

    26 June 2012 Healthcare, Valladolid Living, Destinations

    Healthcare in the Yucatan has taken another giant step forward with a brand new 60-bed hospital in Valladolid. Residents and travelers alike can take advantage of this healthcare facility in the center of the Peninsula, close to Chichen Itza...

  • The Riviera Maya Resort Experience

    11 April 2011 Destinations, Mayan Riviera, CULTURE

    In nine years as residents of Yucatan, we had never stayed in a bonafide all-inclusive on the Riviera Maya. We had a chance to do that recently, and we went for it...

  • Mayapan and Private Haciendas

    8 February 2011 Destinations

    On a sunny Yucatan day, we were picked up in a private van and escorted to some very special places outside of Merida. We're not usually tour people, but we were pleasantly surprised...

  • Chichen Itza Master Plan

    5 January 2011 Destinations

    Governor Ivonne Ortega has big plans for Chichen Itza and the surrounding area. One of Yucatan Living's intrepid reporters attended the meeting and tells us all about it...

  • The City of Campeche

    31 December 2010 Destinations

    Campeche is both different from and similar to Merida, and is another interesting and increasingly popular option as a place to live and retire on the Yucatan Peninsula...

  • Genesis Retreat

    24 May 2010 Destinations, Mayan Riviera, Valladolid Living

    If sleeping with a legend is something you’ve always wanted to do then Genesis Retreat, an eco-oasis near the Mayan archaeological zone of Ek Balam, just may be your cup of herbal tea...

  • Commercial Octopus Farming in Sisal

    3 May 2010 Destinations

    It’s not quite an octopus’s garden, but researchers at the Sisal campus of Mexico’s national university, working closely with local residents, may be about to establish the world’s first commercial octopus farm...

  • A Preview of Animaya

    20 April 2010 Destinations

    Merida will soon have both a zoo and an animal park called Animaya, which is about to be opened in honor of Mexico's Bicentennial. We were lucky to go along on a preview tour...

  • Mayan Artistry along the Ruta Puuc

    15 March 2010 Destinations

    A drive to the Puuc hills in search of reproductions of ancient Mayan art unearths the craftsmanship and passion of local artisans...

  • House of the Butterflies

    1 March 2010 Destinations, Mayan Riviera

    You never know what you might find around the next bend. On the way from Valladolid to Tulum, it was La Casa de Las Mariposas that caught our eye...

  • Merida Holiday Planning 2009-2010

    21 December 2009 Destinations

    Want to do something special for the holidays? Here's a list of the special dinners and parties for Christmas and New Year's Eve around Merida...

  • This is Yucatan

    26 July 2009 Video, Destinations, CULTURE

    If you've ever wanted a tour of the Yucatan Peninsula in just under four minutes, this is the video for you!

  • Biking in Merida

    9 June 2009 Destinations

    Our good friend Reg is an avid bicyclist, and has spent hours bicycling in cities around the world. He brings us his best tips and ideas for safety and enjoyment on a bicycle in Merida...

  • Laguna Bacalar Flyover

    14 April 2009 Destinations, Mayan Riviera

    One of the biggest ecological preserves on the peninsula was the site recently of a unique survey designed to map and understand the flow of fresh water underground. Scott Wallace reports from Laguna Bacalar...

  • Holiday Planning in Merida

    20 December 2008 Destinations

    Wondering what to do for Christmas and New Year's Eve? Here's our annual rundown of what's going on... Happy Holidays from Yucatan Living!

  • Best Place for a Cup of Coffee

    15 September 2008 Destinations

    When we first moved to Merida, there would not have been a meaningful fields of contestant to run this poll. Now, Merida is awash in coffee choices... so it seemed like time to take a vote!

  • A Place for Spider Monkeys

    5 June 2008 Destinations, Mayan Riviera, Natural World

    A friend and fellow writer from Playa del Carmen recently visited the Jungle Place, a place where fellow extranjeros provide shelter and a new home for abused and neglected spider monkeys...

  • D'Aristi Factory: Xtabentun Tour

    23 May 2008 Destinations

    Take a tour of the local factory, set in a beautiful hacienda, that makes the delicious Xtabentun liqueur which is only made in the Yucatan...

  • Best Public Place to Beat the Heat

    26 April 2008 Reader's Polls, Destinations

    It is no secret that it gets hot here. Sometimes, it gets really, really hot. But there are a lot of ways to beat the heat, and now is the time of year to find out how our readers do it...

  • Welcome to Ochilandia!

    27 March 2008 Destinations

    On a quiet weekday during Easter week, the staff at Yucatan Living tried to eat lunch at Hacienda Temozon, but ended up at Hacienda Ochil, a sleepy little hacienda restaurant... or so we thought! See how Hacienda Ochil has grown...

  • Best Fine Dining Around Merida

    2 March 2008 Destinations

    Who doesn't love to eat great food in a beautiful location? The choices for fine dining in Merida have been expanding slowly but surely... we didn't have any trouble coming up with our five favorite places. What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? Take our poll...

  • Yucatan Living Readers Choice Award 2007

    2 March 2008 Reader's Polls, Destinations

    Finally, the counts are in! No hanging chads and no further delay... the results of the Yucatan Living Reader's Choice for 2007 Awards! Find out the winners here...

  • Merida Night Life

    18 February 2008 Destinations

    Mérida is a great city; life here is more relaxed and slow-paced, but once the sun goes down, one thing is for sure: Yucatecans know how to party, and they’re good at it...

  • D.F., a.k.a. Mexico City

    5 January 2008 Destinations

    La vida tranquila is a wonderful thing, but once in awhile, we need to experience big city life. When Merida was filling up with holiday visitors, the Working Gringos traveled to Mexico City...

  • Best Bed & Breakfast in Merida

    17 November 2007 Reader's Polls, Destinations

    Even though we live here, now and then we have to find accommodations for family or friends. Here's your chance to vote on Merida's best bed and breakfast...

  • Hacienda Chichen

    20 October 2007 Video, Destinations

    We recently sat down with re-patriate Yucateca, Belisa Barbachano, and her expatriate husband, Bruce Gordon, to learn about the history of Hacienda Chichen and what's happening there these days...

  • Best Little Taco Stand in Merida Yucatan

    16 October 2007 Destinations

    Our new Readers Choice Poll brings you five of the best taco stands that we know of in Merida. Have you tried them all? What are you waiting for?

  • Best Hacienda Experience

    25 September 2007 Destinations

    Yucatan Living wants to know the one place you'd go to soak in the history, culture and ambiance of Yucatan's hacienda life...

  • The Secret Cenote Yokdzonot

    22 September 2007 Video, Destinations

    If you want to cool off and feel close to nature the Yucatan way, there's a special place you can go that's only minutes from Chichen Itza...

  • Best Small Hotel in Merida Centro

    3 September 2007 Reader's Polls, Destinations

    This Reader's Choice Poll asks for your vote on the Best Small Hotel in Merida Centro with rooms under $100. As always, we're also accepting nominations...

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