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  • Pets and Vets in Yucatan

    21 March 2017 Family & Pets

    Inevitably, as a gringo living in the Yucatan, you will probably own a pet or rescue one. Here's our experience as pet owners in Merida...

  • How To Report Animal Abuse or Neglect

    30 June 2016 Family & Pets

    So many times, we will see an animal being abused or neglected and feel powerless to do anything because we just cannot adopt one more, or because the animal belongs to someone else. Now, there IS something you can do… and here’s how!

  • Dogs in Mexico

    5 June 2015 Family & Pets

    For any animal lover who travels to or lives in Mexico, there are few sorer (is that a word?) subjects than the state of dogs in this country...

  • Protección de Perros y Gatos

    20 October 2014 Family & Pets

    A much needed community veterinary service has finally opened its doors in Progreso...

  • 5th Annual Merida Spay 'n Neuter Clinic

    7 January 2014 Family & Pets

    The Annual Merida Spay and Neuter Clinic happens again January 2014. Everyone can help make the Yucatan a safer and better place for animals and humans! Here is how...

  • What You Don't Know About AFAD

    20 September 2012 Family & Pets, Daily Life

    It's time for people to know what AFAD, the oldest dog shelter in Merida, is doing for all of us, here in Merida and along the Gulf Coast of Yucatan...

  • Adopt a Pet, Don't Buy One!

    17 August 2010 Family & Pets

    Read a few true stories about dogs and cats that end up here in the shelters, and gain a better understanding of the life of unwanted pets in Merida... there's also a great video of Lizette, who is looking for a home. And information on local organizations...

  • YAPA: Help Yucatan's Animals

    26 July 2010 Family & Pets

    Want to help the stray dogs & cats of the Yucatan, but don't know where to start? Introducing YAPA, a new English-speaking resource group dedicated to helping the Yucatan organizations that are helping the animals. Here's info about the first meeting!

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