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  • The Cost of Living in Merida Yucatan

    1 August 2015 Immigration & Residency

    Rumor has it that you can move to the Yucatan and live like a millionaire. As with most rumors, there is a kernel of truth to the lies... find out more about the real costs of living in the Yucatan, now updated with 2013 prices, and comparisons to 2008 and 2011. Even if you live here, the trends are interesting!

  • Shopping Cell Phone Service In Merida

    13 January 2015 Immigration & Residency

    After procrastinating for several years using pay-as-you-go cell phone cards, Working Gringa learns what it takes to establish a "real" cell phone account in Merida.

  • Solar Power in Yucatan

    14 October 2014 Immigration & Residency

    Are you interested in alternative solutions to that expensive CFE bill you get every month? Read about the experiences of various expatriates who have installed solar panels in their homes in Merida and the surrounding Yucatan Peninsula...

  • Intro to US Expatriate Taxes

    25 February 2014 Immigration & Residency

    Here is a quick review of the IRS requirements for US citizens living abroad... good information to know!

  • Yucatan Television Options

    15 January 2014 Immigration & Residency

    When you move here, one of the issues you probably have to deal with is how you are going to watch your favorite television programs down in Mexico. Here are some of your options...

  • Schools in Merida

    29 September 2013 LIVING, Immigration & Residency

    Finding a school for your English-speaking child in Merida is not easy if you don't speak Spanish. We've done some of the legwork for you...

  • Brief US Expat Tax Review

    14 October 2012 Immigration & Residency

    Here's a quick overview of important tax issues for American expatriates living in Mexico, including Mexican tax rates and US IRS requirements...

  • Protecting Electrical Appliances in the Tropics

    8 May 2012 Immigration & Residency

    Many of us encounter more trouble than we're used to taking care of everything from computers to microwave ovens living in the Yucatan. Ants, lightning and fluctuating power can cause havoc with seemingly simple appliances. Here's how to guard against damage...

  • Moving to Mexico

    27 March 2012 Immigration & Residency

    Thinking of moving to the Yucatan? One of our regular contributors, Byron Augustin, reflects on the process of moving to and settling into life in Mexico in the town of Valladolid...

  • Buying A Used Car in Merida

    12 October 2011 Immigration & Residency

    It is easier to buy a car here sometimes than import one. Here are some tips from regular contributor, Dr. Steven Fry, on how and where to look for a used car in Merida, and what to check for once you find one you like...

  • Road Safety in Mexico

    8 October 2010 Immigration & Residency

    Lately, we have been getting a number of requests for information about the safety of traveling to and within Mexico. We invited Dorothy and Bill Bell to give us the benefit of their experience...

  • Renewing My Mexican Visa

    25 June 2010 Immigration & Residency

    A first hand account of how easy it was and was not to renew her FM3 visa, by Lorna Gail, a Merida veteran expat...

  • Paying Your Yearly Dues

    7 January 2009 LIVING, Immigration & Residency

    Every year about this time, talk turns to paying dues. There are taxes on your house and your car that have to be paid at the beginning of the year... well, at least as close to the beginning of the year as you can manage.

  • Insurance for Expats

    18 November 2008 Immigration & Residency

    Though we aren't particularly fond of paying for insurance, we're old and wise enough to know that we need it. Here's what we've found is available and necessary for auto, home and health insurance these days...

  • Writing Checks in Mexico

    5 September 2007 Immigration & Residency

    Writing checks was something we did with our eyes closed back in the States. Not so in Mexico! Here, when we write a check, we turn down the music, stop talking and concentrate...

  • Driving in Yucatan

    5 November 2006 Immigration & Residency

    Many readers who plan to visit the Yucatan ask us about our driving experiences here. It’s not uncommon to read cautions from official websites and popular travel guides, or to hear rather negative anecdotal experiences that make it sound as if Mexico eats road warriors alive...

  • Immigration

    1 September 2006 Immigration & Residency

    The requirements for obtaining a temporary or permanent residency in Mexico have changed much over the years. Here is how it used to be, back in 2010...

  • Placas

    16 May 2006 Immigration & Residency

    Nothing we say will ever prepare you for the unique experience of doing what it takes to get Yucatan license plates on your gringo automobile...

  • Hay Calor!

    29 April 2006 Immigration & Residency

    The seasons turn quickly here, and this sudden change of weather tells us we're about to pay for our paradise with a little hay calor! (it’s hot!). Here are a few tips from the locals on how to beat the heat...

  • Banking in the Yucatan

    18 February 2006 Immigration & Residency, Banking, Taxes & Insurance, WORKING

    The experience of banking in Mexico is nothing if not frustrating. And yet, it has improved SO much over the few years since we moved here...

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