Regional Cuisine (18)

  • The Yucatan's Ocellated Turkey

    20 November 2018 Natural World, CULTURE, Regional Cuisine

    An important traditional food source with beautiful plumage.

  • David Sterling Talks About His Cookbook

    15 March 2015 Regional Cuisine

    Recently, the Yucatan was put on the global attention map yet again... this time with a beautiful cookbook written by local expatriate David Sterling. Here is an exclusive interview with Chef Sterling about writing the book and his plans for the future...

  • The Best Hamburger in Merida

    3 February 2015 Regional Cuisine

    A group of intrepid expatriates have spent the last eight months looking for the best hamburger in Merida. Here is what they found...

  • Restaurant University in Merida

    21 September 2014 Regional Cuisine

    A local Yucatan university has a unique restaurant training program that creates and runs a restaurant here in Merida. Find out how you can enjoy a meal and help a student...

  • Dinner with Friends

    15 July 2014 Regional Cuisine

    Dinner at home for four couples looked like too much work, so we booked an evening at The Villa at Merida. We got great service and great food with a tropical downpour thrown in for good measure...

  • Macrobiotic Mission in Yucatan

    19 May 2014 Regional Cuisine

    A young resident of Merida grows up with a passion for healthy food and is following her dream to bring what she learns back to Merida...

  • A Different Queen's Arm

    10 December 2012 Regional Cuisine

    One of the most unique dishes served in the Yucatan is something called brazo de reina. Where does it come from? Here are a few informational tidbits and a recipe...

  • Poc Chuc in San Francisco

    4 December 2012 Regional Cuisine

    Traveling through San Francisco, the Working Gringos were pleased to find a little corner of the Yucatan right there in the Mission District...

  • The Many Faces of Sopa de Lima

    29 July 2012 Regional Cuisine

    Sopa de lima is a staple of the Yucatecan kitchen, a cornerstone of Yucatecan cuisine. This simple soup can be made simply or with a number of delicious twists, as this collection of alternative recipes makes clear...

  • Restaurant School in Merida

    22 May 2012 Regional Cuisine

    Little did he know when he moved to Merida from Vancouver Canada that he would be teaching at a University here. Expatriate Greg Fryer tells us about a unique hospitality program in Merida that runs a restaurant...

  • Habanero High Noon

    21 October 2009 Regional Cuisine

    Sooner or later, you will face the not-deadly-but-oh-so-painful habanero. Don't say we didn't warn you...

  • Yucatan Marmalades

    20 April 2009 Regional Cuisine

    With all the fruit at our fingertips here in the Yucatan, you'd think there would be more in the way of jams and preserves. We have found some wonderful marmalade recipes, but also discovered it is not a tradition here...

  • How To Make Panuchos and Salbutes

    30 March 2009 Regional Cuisine

    Someone asked us once where they could find a recipe for salbutes. That caused us to reminisce about how much we have learned since we moved here, expecting burritos and finding much more...

  • How to Eat a Mango, Yucatan-Style

    17 March 2008 Regional Cuisine

    We hate to admit it but we have actually passed up a ripe mango in the store because we were too lazy to get messy eating it. Today we learned a mango-eating style and we'll never pass up a mango again...

  • Dining At Two Extremes in Merida

    27 February 2007 Regional Cuisine

    Some days we hit the gastronomic jackpot in Yucatan and yesterday was one of those days when we ate at La Lupita and Nectar in Merida....

  • Mucbil Pollo

    10 November 2005 Regional Cuisine, CULTURE

    Around these parts, the Mayans celebrate the Day of the Dead at the end of October. This holiday is called Halloween in Gringolandia, but the Mayans call it Hanal Pixan...

  • Pavo en Relleno Negro

    2 November 2005 Regional Cuisine, CULTURE

    Pavo en relleno negro is a Yucatecan delicacy and it's probably unlike anything you've ever tasted or seen...

  • Lunch the Yucatecan Way

    23 September 2005 CULTURE, Regional Cuisine

    A new comida casera just opened around the corner. This place used to be a store that manufactured screws to order, and so the doors still bear the name, Casa de Los Tornillos...

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