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A Reporter's Blog

12 July 2014 Mexico in English, Interviews & Editorials 2

I don't recommend many blogs these days... not sure why. I read so much on the internet, but not many blogs anymore.

But if you are an English-reading expatriate (or an English-reading Mexican perhaps...) and you love Mexico, I think you will appreciate this blog as much as I do.

Sam Quinones is an American journalist who is best known for his reporting on Mexico and Mexican issues. He was born, raised and educated in California, and eventually spent nine years living and reporting in Mexico... all around Mexico. He has a unique voice and an appreciation of all things Mexican that I really enjoy reading about. You can read more about Sam here on his eponymous website.

But the website we're talking about today is his blog, A Reporter's Blog. Sam is a great storyteller and through his posts, I've been exposed to many people, Mexican or somehow related to Mexico... or sometimes not at all... that are unique, fascinating and moving. His writing is stellar, his commentary insightful and he often accompanies his work with excellent photos or videos.

Like this short story about the graves of narcotrafficantes in Mexico City...

or this story of Zeus Garcia, the Michael Jordan of Oaxacan basketball...

or his series of photos and articles on the Virgen de Guadalupe.



  • Working Gringos 8 years ago

    Evi, you will find that Merida is a very different place for dogs. To answer your questions, no you cannot take your dogs many places in Merida. There are occasionally restaurants with places to sit outside that might allow you to bring your dogs, usually at the beach. In general, in Mexico, dogs are more feared. The history of dogs is very different here. Historically, dogs have been pets in order to protect the property and have not been treated as family, the way they are by many in the United States. That is changing slowly, but it is still different. There are a few places where dogs can run without leashes... not nearly as many as you might find in the States. Dogs do get stolen in Merida, but usually the very rare or popular breeds (poodles, spaniels, etc.). Not sure about pit bulls because you do not see many of them in Merida. As for the real estate listings, those are probably homes that are both For Sale and For Rent and the "Pets Allowed" statement is intended for renters. There are no laws against having dogs in your home.

  • Evi Huffer 8 years ago

    I've read the available info about pets -dogs and cats. I'm very impressed with the work the local shelters are doing. I've been rescuing cats since 1990 and more recently, fostering dogs for groups I work with. This work is dear to me. So it encouraging to read about it. (The last time I was in Mexico in Bucerias in 2008, I returned home with my sweet Rosie - then very petite (probably because of her large grasshopper diet). Right now I'm in DC continuing researching living abroad in places such as in Mexico. I am trying to get a pretty good picture of what life would be like for my two large dogs, Tobie and Giselle, if we were living in Merida. DC is a very dog-friendly town, so I can take my guys with me when I'm out and about. For instance, my dogs could go into the local pet store with me. There are many restaurants that welcome dogs and I can have dinner at a restaurant, sitting outside with my dogs. Most of the time I can order something for my dogs as well. My dogs can walk through the woods and parks with me on lease. I could take the dogs running along the beach and play ball with them in the park.
    1) In Merida, would I be able to do these things or similar things with my two dogs?
    2) In Merida, are dogs generally liked and tolerated?
    3) Does Merida have a problem with people abducting pit bull breeds to fight or otherwise abuse? and
    4) I notiiced a number of the real-estate houses listed for sale stated "Pets Allowed" I find this odd because I would think that if you are buying a house, you certainly could have pets --- unless perhaps there's an HMO that governs the development and does not allow pets. Any help you can provide me in answering these questions or directing me to information sources will be much appreciated. Thank you!

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