Surreal Mexican News


Surreal Mexican News

18 May 2006 Interviews & Editorials 5

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. This must be especially true if you're the president of Mexico. It's always something: drug wars, unsolved murders, human smugglers, indigenous uprisings, government corruption. Ay caray! And that's before he's had his morning coffee...

What makes matters worse is that the press can't seem to figure out how to report Mexican events. The country has long been an ink blot test subject to as many interpretations as there are journalists. There has also been a long and proud tradition of self-interested governments and other organizations paying journalists and publishers to "salt" the media with various disinformation campaigns. Not to mention that sensationalism sells, and from a gringo point of view, what could be more sensational than Mexico?

Today, we bring you a case in point. First an article in the Financial Times (originally released by Reuters) telling us that the Fox administration has failed to promote human rights. Apparently, Mexican cops are brutal:

Mexico Criticized Over Lack of Human Rights Progress

But wait, here's another article published on the CNN website (released by the Associated Press) on the same day that claims the Fox administration is not providing enough law enforcement to maintain a stable society. Apparently, Mexican cops are pansies:

Fear gnaws Mexicans as Vote Nears

Not surprisingly, neither of these articles holds much weight with us, based on our conversations with Mexicans and our experiences living here. Both articles contain facts and quotes that we have no reason to doubt, but they use them to present two different versions of Mexico, and we don't live in either version. Both articles seem to have agendas.

If you follow Mexican news at all, you know that this is a Presidential election year. You don't suppose that has anything to do with it?

Meanwhile, if any Mexicans are still standing, they are racing for the northern border to take your job because everyone here is apparently dying of starvation. Yet, Bloomberg reports that the Mexican economy is growing at a higher rate than the U.S. economy:

Mexico 1st-Qtr GDP Grew 5.5%, Fastest Pace Since 2000


  • Tim Perry 15 years ago

    We the People of the USA know all too well,what is going on We are going in to what will be such an economic downwards spiral with staggering inflation, gas ,oil, electrical costs, food prices going up daily, taxes, medical expenses, insurances, every thing is going up foreclosers are up businesses are failing, families are suffering,the Government is in such denial with no immediate solutions,They have led this Country into such a ditch, Bush is cutting a check for $600-dollars and $1200 for We poor Americans to re-energize the economy... GOD Bless AMERICA because Our Government has damaged Us more than They realize...VIVA MEXICO

  • Khaki 17 years ago

    ...and there you have it (in the post above). If you're moving just to save money, you are going to be one unhappy, inconvenienced gringo - but if you're moving for a better life, there is no better life to be found than in Yucatan.

  • Mexican Chef 17 years ago

    I used to have restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and then Las Vegas and even though due to doble citizenship I can work and live in the US, we (my family) and I decided it's better to live in Mexico. Now we live in Merida and I am getting ready to open a small "changarro" since my "retirement" is driving me crazy and I need to be active. Our move wasn't about "money" or we would have remained in the States, it was about a better life. We have found that here in Merida.

  • Working Gringos 17 years ago

    Hi Dad!

    Actually, Mexico's is the world's 11th largest economy, according to Bloomberg, and by many measures of economics (inflation, debt, GDP growth rate, etc.), Mexico is currently outperforming the US. It puzzles us why so many Mexicans don't see all the opportunities here.

    On the other hand, we are professionals with college degrees and 25 years of experience in the technology industry (each!) and we make $25 an hour (actually $250 pesos an hour, which is even less) here in the Yucatan. And that is a competitive rate. Of course, the cost of living here is much less, so it's not as bad as it sounds. But is it any wonder that Mexicans go to the US to make money to send home to their families? It's the Greatest Arbitrage On Earth.

  • Dad Phil 17 years ago

    Of course it is growing faster than US. Look at the base.

    Glad to see you are picking up on the native language. We are now paying our cleaning woman $25.00/hr because her English is improving. And she will get more as her English improves. Then she can leave and get a better job.

    Got your notice to move to new website just in time.

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