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Ruminations of a Vecino


Ruminations of a Vecino

6 February 2006 LIVING, Interviews & Editorials 3

What a wonderful mutual discovery! We just found out about a fellow expatriate who is writing a blog about living in Mexico, Ruminations of an Expatriate, and who seems to live in the same neighborhood (vecino means neighbor in Spanish). Neighborhoods here are loosely denominated by the church (and park and market...) they are closest to, in this case Colonia Santa Ana.

Read his blog for more insights into life here in the Yucatan and around Mexico from someone who seems to get out more than we can!


  • JoeInCT 9 years ago

    This blog has moved and the newer content can be found at:

  • Working Gringos 11 years ago

    We imagine you'll like most of the articles in the Yucatan Survivor section then :-)

  • Garett 11 years ago

    We just moved to Mexico north of Tulum. We have a small fixer-upper farm house. I'm really glad I found your Working Gringos site. The rotoplas info was very helpful. Thanks! Jungle G

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