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Renaissance Modern: Salvador Baeza

Renaissance Modern: Salvador Baeza

20 July 2006 Art & Local Culture, Interviews & Editorials 8

One day, we were walking through Georgia Charuhas' house and were immediately struck by a painting that had been leaned up against a wall in her living room. "Georgia, " we asked, "Did you paint that?". She hadn't of course. She had bought it from another artist who was struggling and whose work she liked very much. She had wanted to help him out and support him, so she bought a painting from him.

The painting had been done by another local artist, Salvador Baeza. Since Georgia has been mentoring him on and off for the past fifteen years and knew him well, we asked her if she would introduce us and take us to his studio. Salvado lives and paints here in Merida where he shares his home with his actress/dancer wife and their daughter. As he puts it, he 'steals' space from them to have his art studio, two rooms with a separate entrance. The studio is a modest space in an old colonial building in downtown Merida, with lovely mosaico floors, some of which have shown up in his recent paintings. The day we visited, he was kind enough to talk a little bit about his life and his art with us, and show us his most recent work.

Salvador was born and raised in Guanajuato, one of our favorite towns. He studied at the Esmerelda School of Art in Mexico City, a famous art school where Frida Kahlo once taught. He has also studied with Per Andersen, a famous lithographer in Xalapa. He has shown his paintings in Guanajuato, Belize and Mexico City... but he hasn't had many shows. He is currently working on a mural for the Universidad de Yucatan (UADY) and of course, he is working on his own personal collection of paintings which are, of course, all for sale.

But this is just background. What is important about Salvador is his work. And his work is stunning. Usually he works on large canvases, painting figures life size or larger. Lately, he has been doing some smaller works also, which are both charming and slightly disturbing. Some of his more recent works have Yucatecan elements in the painting (a hacienda, a Mayan woman sitting on a hammock, even mosaico floor tiles... ). It's impossible to see the detail in these small photos, but the details of a painting like the one to the right are what set it apart and give it a richness and a depth that you just don't see very often these days.

I asked Salvador who his influences are, and he said "Michaelangelo and the masters of the Renaissance". So there is a certain classic quality to his work: the colors, the brush strokes, the moods. But we see also a touch of impressionism and a subject matter that borders on Dali-esque.

There are touches of Van Gogh in his use of color and his brushwork. The work above and to the right is called Sunset in the Studio. When you see the painting in person, the upper torso of the woman looks like translucent glass, growing out of a multicolored lawn, being cooled by a fan made itself of air, all touched by the light of the dying sun. The painting is spectacular, all the more so because it is larger than life-size.

The painting to the left is called Brazeros, the name for the Mexican workers who were once contracted to work in the United States. They were promised compensation for their hard work which was never fully provided. This painting shows them losing parts of their bodies as they tumble into the abyss that is the verdant valleys and mountainous coastline of the southern and western United States.

Here's another one of our favorites. It seems very much after Salvador Dali, with the two figures standing like caryatids on a box of air which portrays the Valle de Mexico the way it used to be. The dark landscape behind them is another view of ancient Mexico City, when it was a city surrounded by a beautiful lake. What are they holding up, just above their heads? Is it a planet, whose shadow is projected down between them?


  • Georgia Tambasis 12 years ago


    I find Salvadors work interesting and would like to know if he is interested in having an exhibition in Wheeling, WV at Wheeling Jesuit University. Most recently our university is interested in exploring a studies abroad program in the Yucatan area (Merida) and I would like to organize an art exhibition that exposes our students to the region. I thought either a group exhibition or solo exhibition at our small university gallery would work well for this idea. I would like to further discus this possible exhibition with Salvador, if possible. My contact information is above.


  • Sara Espinola Baeza 14 years ago

    Hola, soy Sara hija de Tere, me gustaría poder comunicarme de otra manera, pero lo veo algo complicado...
    en fin, woow pintas genial, yo estoy estudiando pintura en el CEDART, jeje pero creo que me falta un poco de práctica para hacer algo... desente.
    Estoy tratando de comunicarme con familia por parte de mi mamá, espero conoserte y a mis demas tíos, primos y primas.
    Bueno, perdón por utilizar este medio, pero no encontré otra forma.
    Ya nos veremos algún día, saludos hasta entonces.

  • Yucatan Living - Art in Merida 15 years ago

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  • Working Gringos 17 years ago

    Hi Meg,
    We're sure that Salvador would love to show you his work. However he lives and works here in Merida, Yucatan which is about a day's drive from Veracruz. If you want to check out hotels and B&B's in Merida, you can start with these websites:

    Hotel Casa del Balam
    Las Arecas Guest House
    Luz en Yucatan
    Hotel Marionetas
    Hoteles Trinidad
    Hotel Villa Maria

    Let us know if you need any help contacting Salvador.

  • meg smith 17 years ago

    Hi... I've been living in San MIguel de Allende for the last four years and will be returning to the U.S. fairly soon... I'd like to come to Veracruz in November and meet this artist. His work is certainly something I'd like to have in my new home in North Carolina. what is the hotel/bed and breakfast situation in Veracruz?? Thanks so much... Meg Smith

  • Working Gringos 17 years ago

    We've emailed you separately. We'll do whatever we can to help get Salvador a show in a gallery. He certainly deserves it!

  • Jerry 17 years ago

    Amazing work from MR. Baeza. Would like to help out in seeing his work displayed at my friends gallery at

  • Chris 17 years ago

    Wonderful paintings! Thank you for sharing this discovery with everyone!

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