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Merida Carnival Video 2006

Merida Carnival Video 2006

2 March 2006 Video, CULTURE, Interviews & Editorials, LIVING 21

This is a "highlights" reel from the final Carnival (Mardi Gras) parade on Fat Tuesday 2006, called the "War of the Flowers", where people toss flowers at each other. At least that's how they do it here. In some parts of Mexico, they throw water balloons filled with not very nice stuff, so we're told. The tradition of throwing water and other liquids of people on the last day of Carnival seems to have died out in the Yucatan the last few years. But you can still get someone's attention by yelling "Aguas!". That literally means "waters!" but it means "Watch out! You are about to get water thrown on your head!"

You can also read our companion article called Carnaval, Yucatan Style.


  • Helga G. Dodson 11 years ago

    liked the carnival in 2011 best.

  • Jorge 13 years ago

    wonderful video i myself was an elementary school King 28 years ago ja, ja, ja.

  • Hans 15 years ago

    The video is great! Lots of memories came to mind after watching it. It's been a while since I visited dear Merida. Thanks for the upload.

  • anna soberanis 15 years ago

    mme gusto mucho el video! gusto como todos tienen un buen dia i los ninos se divierten!yo soy de hoston Tx....mi papa fue bailarin del gobierno del estado y siampre me platica de la siento orgullosa de ello! :)

  • gabriel gomez 15 years ago

    i left merida 27 years ago. i am from colonia visente solis. i really miss my home and me familia. i am very proud to be meridian,well american by now. i really enjoyed el carnaval. i had forgotten all about it. thank you. that was wonderful.

  • Martin Euan 16 years ago

    This video makes me home sick. I have not been to Merida in 20 years, I have forgotten how wonderful it is.

  • Suz and Phil 16 years ago

    We can't wait to get in the swing of things. We are buying a house (in the hands of the attorney now)in Chelem and I have a job at a US firm in Merida. 5 more years as a working gringo myself and then it's playa time for ever! We knew we hadn't left the fearies and satyrs in the states at fearie worlds!

  • Merida Carnaval 2007 16 years ago

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  • 16 years ago

    Great video. I was in Merida for Carnaval 2006. Great city, great people. Fantastic seeing 3, even 4 generations enjoying Carnaval together. Viva Mexico!

  • chris toreres 16 years ago

    hola a todos los yucas desde montreal

  • mercy medalian 16 years ago

    I like the video. It's so typical of the Mexican people to celebrate life. I also noted the cop at the end with the big stick. That is typical too. Kindness works better than sticks.

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