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Interview with Consul David Mico

Interview with Consul David Mico

13 October 2015 Interviews & Editorials 0

David Mico and his family recently arrived in Merida to take over running the US Consulate offices. Here's a short interview with David so we can all learn a little bit about him and welcome him with open arms. If you have more questions for David, feel free to add them in the Comments section.


YL: When did you arrive at Merida, and where did you come from?

David: I arrived to Merida on August 10th from Washington, where I served as a Division Chief in the Bureau of Consular Affairs for two years. My last year in Washington was spent at the National Defense University’s Eisenhower School where I received an MS in National Resource Strategy.

YL: Where did you grow up? go to college?

David: I was born in Spain and lived there until I was 12. After that Indiana was home, until I moved to the D.C. area for college. I received a BA and an MA in International Affairs from George Washington University.

YL: Did you visit Merida before you took the job here?

David: No. The closest I had ever been to Merida prior to my assignment were vacations in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

YL: Why did you take the position in Merida? Was there anything in particular that convinced you to come here?

David: In one of my earlier assignments I met a Mexican diplomat from Yucatan, whose kindness and professionalism I still remember. He planted the seed of my interest in the region. The stories of friends and colleagues who served here, and our own family vacations in Quintana Roo only made that interest grow. Professionally, it is a fascinating challenge to work in a region that receives so very many U.S. citizen travelers.

YL: How long do you plan to be here?

David: Our normal rotation cycle is three years. I expect to be here until summer 2018.

YL: Did you come here with a family? If so, how many are in your family?

David: Yes. I’m very happy to by joined here in Merida for this exciting chapter of our life by my wife Denise and our two sons.

YL: Since you have been here, are you finding Merida as you expected it? What unexpected things have you discovered?

David: So far I am enjoying everything about Merida, its people, the architecture, the archeological sites, the food, everything. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the city’s commitment to make the downtown area a cultural destination and the wide variety of public programing available.

YL: Have you traveled around the Yucatan Peninsula? What have you seen and what have you liked so far? Where else do you hope to go?

David: I arrived a little over a month ago and have only begun to get to know the peninsula. I have been here in Merida most of the time, adjusting to the city, the schools, the weather, and the Consulate. I have made short work-related visits to Campeche and to Quintana Roo which are the other two states included in our Consular District, but didn’t have much of a chance to extensively explore either yet. I look forward to getting to know all three states and seeing the many natural and man-made wonders that the peninsula has to offer.

YL: What are your responsibilities here to American citizens? To others? Do they extend throughout the entire peninsula, including Campeche and Quintana Roo? Also Chiapas?

David: The main responsibility of the Consulate in Merida and our two Consular Agencies in Cancun and Playa del Carmen is to provide services to American citizens living or traveling in the states of Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo. We provide passport services, reports of birth abroad, notarial services and also provide assistance during emergencies and more difficult cases such as hospitalization, death, arrests, crime victims, etc. We also distribute emergency messaging if U.S. citizens are registered with the Consulate. We encourage any U.S. citizen living in, or traveling to, our area to register their presence through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP):

YL: What is the most common reason that an expat contacts the consulate?

David: US citizens resident in our area of responsibility most often contact us for passport renewals and notarial services. For U.S. Citizen tourists, the biggest request is for emergency passport services. We also receive requests for assistance when someone has sustained an injury, has been hospitalized, or has passed away.

YL: What do you hope to accomplish in your time here? Do you have any projects that you will be undertaking?

David: I’m still getting to know the district and its people, including the American expatriate community. That remains job one. Beyond that, at this point, we will continue to work, as the Consulate has done for many years, to help build strong connections between the U.S. and this part of Mexico. This involves not only protection and services of U.S citizens as discussed earlier, but also collaboration with local government, business, and civil society on academic exchange, economic development, social inclusion and safety and security issues.

YL: Does the consulate ever hire American citizens to work there? Do they ever hire Americans from within Yucatan?

David: If so, what kind of positions would they fill with local Americans? Consulate job vacancies are published on our website. Each job vacancy specifies the residential and citizenship requirements. U.S. citizens may apply to all positions if they meet the qualifications and meet the residency requirements in Mexico to work here. With the exception of our Foreign Service Officers, just a couple of positions require U.S. citizenship. Our website is:

We want to thank David and welcome him and his family to Merida and to the Yucatan Peninsula!


The US Consul charges $50 USD per signature for notary services. Contact them to make an appointment at:

Contact Us

To Contact:

You may write to us, visit our office in person during work hours, or call the Consulate at:

(011)(52)(999) 942-5700 (dialing from the U.S.)
(01)(999) 942-5700 (dialing from within Mexico)
942-5700 (dialing from within Merida)


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