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Best Expat Blog? You Decide!


Best Expat Blog? You Decide!

26 February 2009 Interviews & Editorials 22

Yucatan Living is one of five nominees in Lonely Planet's Best Expat Blog category. This is the first year Lonely Planet is doing a contest of this sort, and needless to say, being nominated is an honor, but winning would be even better!

If you think that Yucatan Living deserves this sort of acclaim (you do, don't you?), then please click here or on that blue badge on the upper left side of the page, and go to Lonely Planet's poll and vote!

There are some wonderful blogs nominated in all the categories... you could spend an hour easily (we just did...) going through them and exploring. They are all travel related, of course, and bound to make you start stroking your passport lovingly, eyes glazed over as you dream of giraffes and beignets and scuba diving and mountain roads and high speed trains and colorful saris and palm trees and... you see? There we go again. It doesn't take much, does it?

So please, take a minute from your daydreams or your work and check that little box next to "".

Gracias. Muy amable! and Vaya Bien!

DATELINE April 2 2009: Well, we didn't win. Those brilliant expats from Spain took the prize. We really are, though, happy to have been nominated. And we thank all our readers and their friends and family for their votes!


  • Inside Mexico 14 years ago

    Ah, I'm sorry I missed it. But congratulations, it's an honor to be nominated, and very well-deserved.

  • Working Gringos 14 years ago

    Thanks, Margot. But we're pretty sure the voting is closed now and we're awaiting the final decision. Stay tuned!

  • Inside Mexico 14 years ago

    Hey Ellen, well done! Congratulations and I'm going to cast my vote right now. Way to go, representing for Mexico!!

  • Cancun from UK 14 years ago

    Just Voted,

    Ooh it's close . . . .

    # (19.0%, 663 Votes)
    # (17.0%, 585 Votes)
    # (17.0%, 584 Votes)

    Best of luck

  • james 14 years ago

    Congrats from myself as well.

    I stop by every month at least to catch up on your articles - and you give a wonderful personal touch to the people and culture of the region!

    All the best- james...

  • Dena 14 years ago

    Just voted for you! Your site is always fun and delivers a wealth of information. Best of luck!

  • Ana Casal 14 years ago

    You have my vote! I feel so much better about having bought property in the Yucatan because of your amazing site. Thanks and keep it coming!

  • Lydia y Víctor 14 years ago

    Hello! We are Lydia and Victor the authors of (also nominated by Lonely Planet in the Best Spanish language blog cattegory). We would like to congratulate you for your blog and congratulate you on your nomination and wish you all the best.

    Kind regards

    Lydia and Victor

  • Tacoboy 14 years ago

    Hi Guys,
    just wanted to let you know that I voted for you. My girlfriend (tacogirl) is nominated in the Image Blog category for her blog about Ambergris Caye, Belize. Good luck to you.

    Also, she is hosting a blogging conference down here in Belize in June during San Pedro Lobsterfest 2009. You can contact her through her blog to get more details if you might be interested in attending, and haven't been invited yet.

    good luck!

  • L.G. Dallin 14 years ago

    Happy to put in a voite for YucLiving ... I refer to your site often with rewarding results. Thanks ...

  • Marie & Jay 14 years ago

    Just voted! Good luck!!!!!

    Results: (16.0%, 305 Votes) (12.0%, 240 Votes) (8.0%, 154 Votes) (6.0%, 116 Votes) (6.0%, 113 Votes)

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