Getting Started

We know that the Yucatan is an amazing and wonderous place, but when you first get here, it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we have curated a bunch of great articles that will help you get up to speed fast and on your way to getting the most out of your Yucatan adventure.

The Basics

  1. So what's so special about Yucatan?
  2. What does it cost to live in Mérida?
  3. Is it Hot in Yucatan?
  4. Isn't Mexico Dangerous?
  5. Do you have any maps of the Yucatan?
  6. Okay, but aren't there a lot of Mosquitos?
  7. What visa do I need to live in Yucatan?
  8. How can I import my car?
  9. What are the banks like in Yucatan?
  10. What are the emergency phone numbers in Merida?
  11. Yes, but how do I even dial a phone in Merida?
  12. Are there any English-language schools my children can attend?
  13. Where can I learn Spanish?
  14. How do you say all those Mayan words?


  1. What's it like to buy Groceries in Merida?
  2. How do I get cell phone service in Merida?
  3. Where can I buy furniture in Merida?
  4. Where can I buy antiques in Merida?
  5. Where are some places to find art?
  6. Where are some good places in Merida to buy gifts?
  7. Where can I find authentic soccer jerseys?
  8. How about some yummy baked goods?

Real Estate

  1. Is it safe to buy property in Mexico?
  2. Where should I buy a house in Merida?
  3. Where can I find a Vacation Rental in Merida?
  4. What are real estate properties like in Merida?
  5. How do you build a house in Yucatan?
  6. How does the plumbing work in a colonial house?

Health & Safety

  1. Where do I get health insurance in Yucatan? Car insurance? Home insurance?
  2. What is the medical service like in Merida? How are the hospitals?
  3. What about renewing my car license plates? Paying my city taxes?
  4. Is the water safe to drink?
  5. What if I'm too injured or sick to leave the house?
  6. What's it like to drive in Yucatan?
  7. Can you recommend a good dentist?
  8. Who provides veterinary services?


  1. Where can I meet other expatriates living in Yucatan?
  2. Where can I volunteer?
  3. What can I do if I see an abused or neglected animal?
  4. How can I support the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra?
  5. How Can I Help Children in the Yucatan?
  6. How can I support local artisans?

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