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YAPA: Help Yucatan's Animals

YAPA: Help Yucatan's Animals

26 July 2010 Family & Pets 4

YAPA: First Meeting... Can You Be There?

YAPA stands for Yucatan Ayuda Por Los Animales.

You are cordially invited to our first English speaking organizational meeting to lend support to the Merida animal shelters, AFAD and Evolucion, and the stray and abused animal situation here in Merida, Yucatan.

What We Are Looking For

We will discuss the most immediate needs of the shelters and the strays and will look for volunteers or "go to" people for the different areas where help is needed.  You can volunteer for as much or as little as you want- no pressure. There are many areas where you don’t even need to touch an animal so if you have no car, health issues or allergies we can still use your compassion, time, and skills. For example, one of the really important things we need is people who have good computer skills to do databases and help with promotional materials such as flyers.

There are many, many talented people here that have expressed an interest in helping and the time has come to become a more unified and effective group.

If you can make the meeting, please RSVP to this email: so I can best arrange for seating.
If you can bring a portable beach chair or stool that would be helpful to insure no one has to stand.  A finger snack or a bottle of soda would also be most appreciated.

On Thursday we will discuss an over view of all the areas of need. Please be thinking of your talents, skill sets and interests.

After the overview section of the areas of most immediate need, we will break into groups of the areas you want to work most.  At that point we will need two volunteers for each group to be the contact heads for that GO TO group. There can be as many people in each group as want to be.  Each group will then determine the best way to accomplish the mission at hand.

I am excited and think this is just the beginning of lots of great things we can do for these wonderful creatures.
If you know of anyone else who wants to come, please invite them along. 

Please let Debbie Moore know if you will be attending. Remember: Thursday, July 29 at 7 PM!

The meeting will be held at Debbie Moore's house.

Location: Calle 66 448-D x 49 y 53
Date: Thursday, July 29
7:00 sharp.
RSVP to this email:
It is the pink house on the left, right before you turn the corner to go the Merida English Library, next door to Los Arcos B & B.  There is street parking (usually) on Calle 66 or around the corner on 53.


Please Support Yucatan's Independently-Run Animal Shelters

Here are the two animal shelters in Merida that are mentioned above. If you want a new dog, please look here first. If you have lost a dog, look here first as well.

If you have found a dog you cannot keep, please contact them for instructions. If they are able to give the dog a temporary home, they will. We encourage you to be generous with a donation when you bring them a stray dog.

If you are visiting Merida and want to take a dog home, please know that this is NOT difficult and they can help!

For information about the situation of companion animals in Mexico, go to Companions to None.

Evolución, Albergue y Santuario (Shelter and Sanctuary)

Evolución is located in Uman, south of Merida. Sylvia runs this large enclosed shelter like a bed & breakfast for dogs, giving them lots of space to roam free. Jill Benson helps out and will be the one talking to you if you wish to adopt a dog. Evolución has events, like dog baths, that you can participate in if you want to visit the dogs. Just give them a call! If you don't see a pet you like on these pages, give Evolución a call and arrange to visit to find your perfect companion.
Email: (replies will be in English)
Phone: 9991-43-47-11

AFAD - Albergue Franciscano de Animal Desprotegido

Franciscan Shelter for Unprotected Animals (ask for Lidia, who understands English) AFAD has these dogs and more at their shelter in north Merida, just off the Periferico on the way to Cholul. They think it is very important that, if you want to adopt a dog or cat, you come and meet with them at the shelter. AFAD is very careful about the families that they allow to adopt dogs, and the conditions that the dogs will be kept in on a daily basis. If you know that you will give a dog a loving home for the rest of its natural life, please visit AFAD to find the dog that it is just right for you!

AFAD is only open Saturdays and Sundays between 11 am and 2 pm. This is when the volunteers are there to assist you with the dogs, and to explain the adoption process. AFAD is located almost opposite the University Modelo on the road to Cholul (orange fence and gate cafe).

You may not see a dog from AFAD on this page, but if you live in the North and want to adopt a dog, call or email AFAD right away and they will help you out! There are always more wonderful dogs and cats looking for a home than people to adopt them.
Email: (replies will be in English)
Phone: 044-999-947-6319



  • sandra tomicki 12 years ago

    we are adopting a starving street dog we found in chelem in our neighbourhood... anyway we would like to get her fixed...we had monica the vet look at her give her shots.. do the necessary things and asked if she would fix her ... but we have no response and now decide to go to planned parenthood in merida...we would like to know the cost, the phone no and address.... hopefully someone can give us the info needed.... thanks

  • PaulB 13 years ago

    Re: "YAPA: Help Yucatan's Animals" :
    If you are looking to place the older German Shepherd (in your article pic)
    in a home, kindly email me. Thanks and good luck on all your endeavours !

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