Family & Pets / 5th Annual Merida Spay 'n Neuter Clinic

5th Annual Merida Spay 'n Neuter Clinic

5th Annual Merida Spay 'n Neuter Clinic

7 January 2014 Family & Pets 1

The Planned Pethood 5th Annual Yucatan Spay and Neuter Campaign is very close... and they need volunteers!

The Merida Clinic will be held from January 21 to 23 and the goal is to spay and neuter 750 dogs and cats. To achieve this goal over 150 Vets and other volunteers will donate their time and they require your valuable support to keep going during those strenuous hours. Volunteer help is needed from January 21th to 23th from 7am to 7pm.

You can also help by donating:

• BOTTLED WATER (500 ml or large bottles)• SOFT DRINKS (Cans or large Bottles)
• JUICE (Individual, Boxes or Bottles)

Donations will be collected at:
Calle 29 # 478 x 50 -B and 52 -A Col. Itzimná
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
* Items will be received until Saturday January 18th *

If you want to volunteer to help in this Clinic in Merida you need to sign up with Isabel Valladares.

Please contact her at indicating the date and time in which you can help.

Volunteer help is needed from January 21th to 23th from 7am to 7pm.

ALSO Need Help in Kanasin January 26

We still need some meals for Sunday, 26 January. It can be simple as sandwiches, or as elaborate as you want, but needs to be easy to eat, there is no sit down table service, everyone eats on the go.
We need snacks; fruit, granola bars, pretzels, etc. for both days
A couple loaves of meat and/or cheese sandwiches for each day would be nice
I have a large bag of candy
We need sodas, and water

We need people to help transport the Out of Town Vets to and from Kanasin.

REGISTRATION (AFAD), a volunteer checks to ensure animals are pre-registered. If the animal is not recorded/ registered place them on the waiting list, if indeed they have an appointment. Volunteers assist in filling out the forms and assigned folio.
We still need help for RECOVERY, both dogs and cats. Owners and Recovery Volunteers will monitor and assist the animals coming out of recovery from anesthesia, always keeping the animals folio close at hand. Once the Vet Tech says it is okay to release the animal, you direct the owner to pick up their medications and point them to the check out area.

Contact AFAD at + 52 (99) 9920 5019 / 0449999476319 or at if you can help at any time!

Thank You all so much for your volunteer efforts... everyone really does make a difference!


  • JulesinTO 9 years ago

    In 2012, I was visiting the Yucatan for the first time. As dog lovers, we wanted to check out the Chicxulub Spay ‘n Neuter Clinic. I took some great photos of the volunteers, pets and pet owners (with their permission). You can see them in my blog post "Dog Days of Mexico" This is a great cause!

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