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Upcoming Art Shows in Merida

Artist: Herve diRosa

Upcoming Art Shows in Merida

14 November 2015 Art & Local Culture 0

AANY's Arte A Mano

It's hard to believe that the first AANY show was six years ago... time flies when you are buying art!

AANY, AC, (Amigos de los Artistas/Artesanos Nuevos de Yucatán), a volunteer non-profit dedicated to the promotion of unique craft artists from the three states of the Yucatán Peninsula, was formed in 2009 and the first show was a one-day event with 22 exhibitors. The response was so favorable that the committee went on to sponsor more and bigger shows each year, with more and more artists being represented. This year's winter show, The 13th ARTE A MANO craft show, will take place on Friday, December 4, 5-9PM, and Saturday and Sunday, December 5th and 6th , 10AM-7PM, at CANACO, Avenida Itzaes and Calle 31, Mérida.

This year ARTE A MANO will present a record-breaking 80 artists, including 17 new participants, whose work spans various media and a range of prices. There will be a vast selection of work in ceramic, textiles, wood, glass, stone and jewelry in a variety of presentations. Participation in ARTE A MANO is by invitation only. The director, Joan Farrell, and her colleagues search the Yucatán Peninsula throughout the year for artists that meet their requirements. They are looking for originality, excellence of execution and an interesting use of materials. Many artists at the AANY show are studio trained, but there are also many artists who are either self-taught or who are working in the traditions of their ancestors. Paintings and photography are not included in the exhibition.

New Artists This Year

Some outstanding new artists this year include Andres Vázquez Paloma, from Oxcutzcab, who carves award winning bas-relief in cedar. As a young person he started drawing and then was drawn to wood carving. He is mostly self-taught and his work depicts in amazing detail the daily life in the villages of Yucatan. Another new artist, Alfredo Poot Dzib from Valladolid, will present his highly decorated jicara items... lamps, tortilleras and decorative pieces made from gourds. Rosalinda Couich Ramirez of Felipe Carrillo Puerto weaves charming baskets and animals from bejuco, a type of grass. Maria Esther Uitzil of Valladolid Nuevo weaves breathtaking woven shawls in many sizes and colors.

Food service will be provided by Restaurant Guerra. There is no admission to ARTE A MANO, but donations are gratefully accepted. Visa and Master card accepted. All proceeds from sales are retained by the exhibiting artists.

Soho Galleries Artists from Cuba

Another great upcoming show is the Landscapes of the Soul exhibit that will open on November 14 at 7 PM. This exhibit will be collective exhibition of Cuban artists, all of whom are new artists for the gallery. These paintings are contemporary interpretations of landscapes in a variety of styles and techniques. The artists are Julia Valdez Borrero (abstract), Carlos Alberto Casanova (Impressionist), Edgar Yero (drawing) and Roberto Guerra Hechavarria (primitive).

The exhibition also will have as a guest artista, well-known Cuban ceramicist Jorge Jacas Vivanco, who has been honored nationally and internationally as one of the most outstanding contemporary ceramics artist. Jacas will be present at the opening to talk about his work.

These contemporary artists, will be exhibiting for the first time in Merida, acknowledged masters in each of their techniques, which allow us to delight in different representative samples of the Cuban landscape.

Julia with a masterful command of color, Casanova with the unique fluent use of the spatula, Yero with a refined drawing and Guerra with astonishing harmony, meet in a single exposure as a means of expression and creativity capable of transmitting emotions of the soul for us privileged to enjoy.

"Landscapes of the Soul" and the official inaugration of the new gallery space opens Soho Galleries on Saturday, November 14 2015 at 7 PM with wine, food and more. Don't miss this gathering!

Other Upcoming Shows

Other upcoming shows include ArtLink's Fine Art & Craft Festival at Hotel Mediomundo and Noche Blanca, a citywide art event held on the evening of Saturday, December 12. The Fine Art & Craft Festival will be held November 28 and 29 from 10 am to 5 pm, and will feature works from artisans around Mexico, including Merida. The hotel is located on Calle 55, between 64 and 66, and food will be served from their in-house vegetarian restaurant. You can see a video of last year's similar event (linked below).

Merida is awash in art!

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