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Obrador Speech in Merida


Obrador Speech in Merida

19 June 2006 Video, Interviews & Editorials 1

Below is a brief clip of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) giving a speech in the park located at the southern end of the Paseo de Montejo - outside El Gran Cafe - in Merida this past Sunday afternoon. We wrote an article about it here, but we thought a video might offer a better sense of the flavor of a presidential campaign here in Mexico.

He spoke for nearly an hour on a number of subjects, but in this short excerpt, he says he will not betray the people of Yucatan or the people of Mexico. That he will not fail them. That this is not an empty expression nor empty words. He says the three most important things in his life are not to lie, not to steal and not to betray the people. All good things to say when you're a politician, we suppose.


  • Alisa Cooper 17 years ago

    a funny coincidence that the post's icon is a carnival clown. :) i'd actually love to see amlo speaking live. whether or not he's well-equipped to be president, he's stirred up such overwhelming public support--and it's rarely disappointing to see those kind of charismatic people in person. what a pleasant sunday surprise for you!

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