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  • Art from the Children of the Yucatan

    Art from the Children of the Yucatan

    What's not to love? Updated regularly, so check back for more smiles soon...

  • Tekax Hilljam 2017

    Tekax Hilljam 2017

    Young riders rocketing down the Yucatan's biggest the first 4 images to SEE animated gifs of the action!

  • Friends of Cozumel

    Friends of Cozumel

    Tiny feet and big smiles at the annual back-to-school charitable event where 500 students received shoes and school supplies.

  • CAPP Students and Sponsors

    CAPP Students and Sponsors

    Sponsors spent an afternoon with 17 students who attended, including 2 college graduates. All these young Yucatecans were supported through primeria and high school, and have now gone on to college...

  • Corner Plaques

    Corner Plaques

    Here is just a sampling of those enchanting little tiles on so many corners in Merida...

  • Good Friday in Acanceh

    Good Friday in Acanceh

    Every year on Good Friday, the town of Acanceh re-enacts the Passion of the Christ...

  • Yucatan Photos by Ralph Blessing

    Yucatan Photos by Ralph Blessing

    Reader and photographer Ralph Blessing shares some of his favorite Yucatan photos...

  • Flowers and Trees of Yucatan

    Flowers and Trees of Yucatan

    The profusion of flowers and flowering trees in and around Merida never ceases to delight us...

  • The Art of Joseph Kurhajec

    The Art of Joseph Kurhajec

    A visit to the studios and galleries with the art of Joseph Kurhajec

  • STR Clinic

    STR Clinic

  • Yucatan Ephemera

    Yucatan Ephemera

  • Viva La Revolución!

    Viva La Revolución!

    Every November 20th, we remember the sacrifice of all who fought Mexico's revolution.

  • The Other Campaign

    The Other Campaign

    In January, 2006, the Zapatista spokesman, Subcommendante Marcos, came to the Yucatan to campaign for human rights.

  • Critters


    Welcome to the jungle! If you come to Yucatan, be prepared to live where the wild things are.

  • Nature


    The natural beauty of the Yucatan can be enjoyed from the cenotes in the jungle to the tourist destinations on the Mayan Riviera.

  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead

    In Merida and around the Yucatan, we celebrate The Day of the Dead, which the Mayans call Hanal Pixan.

  • La Virgen de Guadalupe

    La Virgen de Guadalupe

    On December 12th, the faithful celebrate The Queen of the Americas, Nuestra Señora, on her special day.

  • Merida Carnaval

    Merida Carnaval

    Every year, Merida hosts one of the largest and friendliest carnavals in the Americas.

  • El Mercado

    El Mercado

    You can get everything you want - and more - at el mercado in Merida. Warning: some of these photos are not for the squeemish...

  • Hacienda Details

    Hacienda Details

    Many architectural details and finishes found in Yucatan haciendas are also used when restoring colonial homes.

  • Haciendas


    No visit to the Yucatan is complete without exploring some of the haciendas and learning how they impacted the region's history.

  • Archaeology


    Classical Mayan architecture is scattered about the Yucatan. While some is restored to its former splendor, most is not.

  • Estandartes de La Virgen

    Estandartes de La Virgen

    A review of the standards carried during gremios for La Virgen de la Asuncion.

  • Hurricane!


    Every now and then, the lovely tropical weather of Yucatan whips up and we have ourselves a hurricane.

  • The Mayans

    The Mayans

    The largest group of surviving native Americans bridge ancient traditions and the modern world.

  • Modern Merida

    Modern Merida

    Merida is not all colonial buildings. Merida has very much joined the Twenty First Century...

  • Merida


    Formally called T'ho by the ancient Mayans, Merida is perhaps one of the longest inhabited cities in the Americas.

  • Chichen Itzá

    Chichen Itzá

    Congratulations to one of the New 7 Wonders of the World: The Pyramid at Chichen Itzá

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